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Once you step inside Norton’s you will feel as though you stepped into an old fashion general store. However, this store is filled with unique merchandise for today’s tastes and  lifestyle, while still paying homage to it’s general store roots with penny candy,  jarred food items and outstanding customer service. All merchandise is hand selected by the owner for style and quality but most importantly it has all been made in the U.S.A. Norton’s is housed in a completely renovated circa 1920′s livery-barn and has been named for the beloved family dog. This year Norton’s will be celebrating it’s 4th year in business. We encourage you to stop in and support this shop, in doing so you will support the U.S. and local economies.  


Proprietor Deborah Leydig

Norton’s U.S.A.
A Uniquely American General Store

We recently had the chance to talk with Deborah Leydig about her business.  

Tell me about Norton’s.  

First and foremost everything in Norton’s inventory is made in the United States of America. We have a wide variety of merchandise made not only by American manufacturers, but also by artisans and in small cottage industries. Some of the items we carry are gifts, toys, kitchenware, jewelery, apparel, cards, hand-stamped gift wrap, garden items, as well as food items. In the summer months we  have fresh locally grown produce, eggs and honey  

It was brave of you to open a shop dedicated to only U.S. made product’s.  What inspired you to undergo this venture?  

When I discovered how many things were manufactured off-shore,  I felt compelled to help American businesses and workers by only handling American Made Goods.  

Something For Everyone

On any given day, who might I find shopping in Norton’s?  

We have people of all ages coming through our door. We carry a broad range of merchandise, so there is something for everyone from babies to grandparents.  

Lately there has been some attention drawn to the difficulty of finding American-made products, do you find that to be true?  

I am always on the lookout for great merchandise, and yes it is hard to find. I am still on the look out for small kitchen  appliances like; toasters, coffee pots, and blenders.  

Your store is charming, do you have background in retail ?  

No, this is my first foray into retail,  before opening Norton’s I worked as a  professional actress and have a background in fashion and graphic design.  

The Creative Corner, American Made Toys - Child Friendly

How do you feel your customers react to the store’s mission?  

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback. Just like me, I think it makes customers feel good to buy American-made products and support the people that produce them.  

The creative corner is adorable, how do you feel about people bringing in their children?  

We love it, there is a table with toys and a chalk board wall. The toys we carry are quality toys that will be handed down to the next generation.  

You are slightly off the beaten path of downtown Barrington. Do you feel this is a disadvantage?  

No, I fell in love with building, the neighborhood, and Barrington. I feel being located here on Lageschulte  is the perfect setting for Norton’s. Our building with it’s original posts and beams serves as the perfect backdrop for the merchandise we carry. We are also within walking distance of the train and other shops.  

I noticed that you carry a number of green products, do you look for environmentally friendly merchandise?  

Yes, in fact we carry a line of environmentally safe cleaning supplies, as well as a greeting card line and other green merchandise.  

Are any of your goods available online?  

Yes, our customers can shop Norton’s online 24/7  

Norton’s U.S.A.
400 Lageschulte St.
Barrington, IL 60010
P: 847-382-8872
P: 888-326-7997  

Tue., Wed., Fri. and Sat. 10 -5
Thurs. 11 – 7


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